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by: Lebohang



MASERU – Team South Africa (SA) was awarded more medals than the nine countries in the swimming competition hosted in Ha Rapokolana for the Maseru 2020 Region Five Youth Games.

The national anthem of SA was sang in almost every category in an award giving  ceremony complementing the athletes who made it to the best three.

Ruard Van Renen of SA lost count on the medals he was awarded as the 18 year old out performance earned him more gold than silver.

The gold medalist in almost every category, became second just 0.33 seconds behind the 17 year old Mathew Lawrence from Mozambique and also his teammate Bernard Wolfaardt in the 200 meter free style.

Yesterday was an outstanding performance where Van Renen seemed to win and bag more medals in confidence showing an impressive character of an athlete.

He also lead the four by hundred meter relays teamed with Jonathan Heslop, Jordan Moodley and Wolfaardt to win more gold for team SA.

After his 20th race, Van Renen addressed the media in an interview that though competition is tough, he adapted into the high altitude despite the back to back race that wrapped the competition yesterday.

The youngster further showed that he will be heading to the United States of America (USA) in Southern Illinois University to further shape his career in swimming.

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